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Adding a Sidekick

Updated 5 months ago ​by James Gentes

Sidekicks provide the interface between the robot, the camera, and the Tend cloud software. It allows Tend to send commands to the robot while you are using your mobile device from outside of your local network.

To configure the Sidekick with your system, perform the following steps:

  1. Follow the setup instructions in the Getting Started with Tend in.view™ guide. This will ensure you have the sidekick properly connected to your hardware. However, the only requirements are the power and network connections.
  2. Navigate to the Settings > Sidekicks page and click the 'Add Sidekick' button. Be sure the Sidekick is connected to the internet and powered on prior to adding it.

The serial number can be found on the bottom of the Sidekick:

The sidekick should show a status of online once the update is complete.  If it still does not come online, please refer to our Sidekick Troubleshooting Guide or contact us for assistance - we're here to help.

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