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Getting Started with Tend in.view™

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Getting Started with Tend in.view™

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Getting Started with Tend in.view™

This guide will walk you through the process of connecting your robot to the Tend sidekick and monitoring its performance.

1. Setup a sidekick to communicate with your robots

A sidekick is a secure gateway that allows you to monitor your robots from anywhere. It relies on a stable connection to the internet for communicating with the Tend cloud service. 

You may download a sidekick (a ~2GB virtual machine image) or we can ship you a physical device. The only requirement is that it is connected to the same network your robots are connected to.
If you decide to use the virtual machine, be sure to download and install VirtualBox first.
If you'd like us to send you a sidekick, please fill out this form.
For the virtual sidekick, simply import and run without changing anything. For detailed instructions on setting up the virtual machine, take a look at the virtual sidekick configuration guide. For a physical sidekick, just plug it into your network and turn it on. A troubleshooting guide is also available here.

2. Confirm the sidekick is online

Login and navigate to and the sidekick should appear online. If not, wait a few minutes and refresh the page, or take a look at our troubleshooting guide.

3. Add a robot to your account

Navigate to to add a robot to your account. In order to add a robot, you'll need to know the IP address that's been assigned to it. The IP is found in different places depending on the type of robot:

  • Universal Robots: Go to the Setup Network section of the pendant interface.
  • Fanuc: Go to the SETUP Host Comm TCP/IP section of the pendant interface.

Universal Robots Requirements:

  • Control Box 3.0 or later (CB3)
  • Networking enabled in the Setup Network section of the pendant interface

FANUC Requirements:

  • The HTTP package must be installed. This is generally installed by default.

4: Configure notifications for your profile

Navigate to your profile page at to set your notification settings. You will have the ability to choose between Email, Browser, and Mobile (SMS) notifications.

5. Invite team members

Navigate to your account page at to view the users in your account and invite more.

6: Contact us!

If you run into any problems, please reach out to us at so we can help you out!

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