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December 2017 Product Updates


Fanuc alarms occur at a future time

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December 2017 Product Updates

Updated 3 months ago ​by James Gentes

Receive Notifications on Program Modifications

You can now enable alerts for changes in running programs. If the 'last modified' date on a program changes, Tend will send a notification through email, SMS, and in your browser.

There is a separate alert available for when the running program changes to a different program.

Filter Active Alarms

You may have active alarms that are expected during normal operation. These can be filtered out of your alarm logs and alerts so that you can focus on what's important.

You're able to provide a comma-separated list of terms, and the system will filter any active alarm that includes those terms.

Tend Automatically Adjusts for Incorrect Robot Time

Unless you have NTP enabled on your robot, the time may become inaccurate due to Daylight Savings Time or other factors. Tend will now adjust based on our system time to show you accurate timestamps for events.

Other Improvements

  • We've added a link directly to the Fanuc web server on the robot panel (if the robot is online)
  • 'Top' links in server pages now work as expected
  • Event 'type' has been renamed to 'severity'
  • Fixed support for Chrome on iOS

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